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Résumé review

Résumé Reviews

Would you like a professional option of your current résumé? Recruiters agree that persons can benefit from an external perspective on their résumé. Why? A professional independent opinion helps you to have a realistic picture of the strength of your résumé and how it matches industry standards. A professional review helps you to make an educated decision about your next steps.

Résumé development and enhancement

Resume Development and enhancement

This service is preceded by a résumé review. Here, a thorough and methodical approach is taken to create a customized and individualised résumé that best represents you. Your résumé is specially crafted and is matched against industry and world-class standards. Check out our Testimonials page on reviews from happy and satisfied clients.

Career planning, coaching and counselling

Career Planning

While some of us are confident in our career direction and destination we want to achieve, others need help in evaluating their strengths, rediscovery and setting career goals. Our expert Career coach has coached several persons at different levels of the organization which blossomed into new and exciting professional opportunities suited to their own individual values, interests and passions.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

The world has shifted significantly within the past few years, driving a new wave of how persons present themselves to the world. Currently, LinkedIn has 750mM+ members and is one of the most popular platform for managing one’s professional identity. Whether your need is for a new job opportunity, promotion, consulting engagement, participation in a committee, we are here to partner with you to develop tailored professional LinkedIn profile to build and grow your visibility.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Branding is not just suited to products. Due to intense competition, a personal branding service can help you differentiate yourself from the market. Do you know your unique brand attributes and what niche of the market you want to become know? YOU ARE YOUR BRAND!

Promotability Strategy


Getting promoted is not a coincidence. Working hard and not seeing the tangible results? Get credit for your accomplishments and let us help you design a personalized strategy that compels your company to give you a well-deserved promotion.

Networking Strategy


“No man is an island entire of itself”. Gone are the days of the cold calling. In a world of more communication, but less authentic connection, we would be honoured to partner with you to build your networking strategy – how to find, build and maintain strategic professional and mutually beneficial relationships.

Business Planning

A business requires a plan in order to succeed and the plan must be brainstormed, tested and challenged before it is implemented to propel your business forward. This service entails creating a business plan which assists entrepreneurs and business owners to source funding and is the success roadmap that leads one’s business to gain maximum results.

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